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RainSoft of Kansas City – American Home Services

American Home Services is proud to represent RainSoft as Kansas City's exclusive authorized dealer. Our staff includes industry professionals with over twenty-five years' experience with RainSoft.

American Home Services is dedicated to providing our customers with excellent customer service and repair through prompt response time and outstanding value.

Please contact our office for any service or water treatment needs.

RainSoft of Kansas City, an authorized RainSoft Dealer.

American Home Services
15480 College Blvd
Lenexa, KS 66219
(913) 322-0724

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Managing Water in a Disaster

RainSoft water treatment delivers safe, clean water right to your tap, but in the event of a disaster you may not have access to your RainSoft treated water. To help manage water use during a disaster follow these tips from
  • Allow people to drink according to their needs. Many people need even more than the average of one gallon per day.
  • Never ration drinking water unless ordered to do so by authorities. Drink the amount you need today and try to find more for tomorrow.
  • Drink water that you know is not contaminated first. If necessary, suspicious water, such as cloudy water from regular faucets or water from streams or ponds, can be used after it has been treated.
  • Do not drink carbonated beverages instead of drinking water. Carbonated beverages do not meet drinking-water requirements.
  • Turn off the main water valves. You will need to protect the water sources already in your home from contamination if you hear reports of broken water or sewage lines or if local officials advise you of a problem.

RainSoft Water Treatment Systems

RainSoft improves the Quality of Life for our customers and their families by offering them environmentally responsible air and water treatment solutions for their homes.

RAINSOFT DRINKING WATER SYSTEMS that provide bottle-quality, crystal clear water for drinking and cooking...without the plastic bottle.

RAINSOFT WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS that save money by reducing energy and soap consumption. Water-using appliances last longer, and bathing and shower has never felt better!

AIR PURIFICATION for the entire house, not just one room. RainSoft air purification products mount directly into the duct, providing protection and peace of mind...silently and out of sight.

It has been over 55 years since the first RainSoft water conditioner was sold from a small garage just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Since that day in 1953, RainSoft has become an industry leader in treating, filtering and softening water for well over one million homes and businesses throughout the world.

Serving Lenexa, Overland Park, Leawood, Shawnee, Olathe and the Kansas City Metro area which are located in the counties of Johnson and Wyandotte in the states of Kansas and Missouri